Products and Services

The media services that we offer are varied and unique reaching both those who are keen on computers, those who prefer the traditional print and bridges promotions that use both types of media reinforcing the campaign even more effectively.

Medical Portals Ltd. is run by Dr. Wilfred Galea who, with his medical background and keenness on IT together with several years of experience, has harmoniously combined the medical field with such a dynamic tool as IT.

Medical Portals Ltd and its flagship brand TheSYNAPSE, has been operating since 1996 (company originally registered as TheSYNAPSE Co. Ltd.) and its business is connected to the Medical field. 

Its ongoing main operations include:

·         The publication of a bi-monthly magazine, TheSynapse.  Its publication adds to 2,500 issues and is distributed to all local medical professionals – Surgeons, Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists and Medical Students.

·         The maintenance of an internet portal, which is very popular amongst mostly medical professionals both locally and overseas.  In fact, its membership numbers more than 2,700 members. 

o   Other services are also offered online:

§  An e-news is sent each weekend to all members informing them of the updates of the past week

§  Members also receive e-INFOs which are e-circulars sent by Medical Portals Ltd. on behalf of its customers who wish to convey their promotional messages to TheSYNAPSE members

§  Members from time to time may also participate in e-quizzes which is another more interactive means of promoting brands online

·         An e-learning platform and is currently offering medical courses online in collaboration with the Medical Foundation Programme – currently 84 students are participating